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damn, i havent posted anything on here inforever.

so if you have any suggestions make em.

so here’s the thing last night i saw this awesome band i think some of you might have heard of…

they are called all time low. not only did i see them, i fucking met them. except mr. gaskarth cause he felt sick. even though i think he just felt like chillin in the hot tub before the show, regardless i met Jack, Zack, and Rian. it was a pretty fantastic night, the ready set walked by me as well but i dont really care about them haha. met this new band or well not as popular band Paradise Fears. guys they sound just like all time low, check em out, but yeah it was awesome. so on that note, this is the first post ive made in forever, that being said, SUGGEST STUFF.

so you’re that awesome person that follows my blog, that’s pretty sweet.

i was just wondering if maybe you’d send me some messages telling me some pictures i should make. so uh yeah, youre awesome :)

guys, if you follow me still id like to say youre amazing.

I haven’t posted anything on here in forever because my computer is currently not working. So if I get an opportunity to use a computer I post to my personal blog. Therefore saying if you want to see cool band related posts follow my personal if not, just go ahead and keep waiting on my computer to get fixed, just like I am. Laters peoples.